A Conflicted Harmony

Genera: Dystopian Fiction

Description: Marcus had everything he wanted, but when a government-funded execution program threatens to take everything away, he must fight to keep his family safe. The rules are simple: there are ten households and six days. Each day a household must die.

At first, things are going well. Marcus has an alliance of friends on his side and a government agent willing to bend the rules for him. It seems that he and his family will survive until the end.

But as his neighbors are killed one-by-one, as friends reveal their true faces, as old grudges surface, and human nature takes over, Marcus must grapple with his own morality and decide between doing the right thing and keeping his family alive another day.

ISBN-13: 978-1536891430
ISBN-10: 153689143

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The Demons Within

Genera: Fiction / Psychological 

Description: Richard Faulkin, a husband, father, and business man with a dark past spends almost every waking hour working. Because of this, he neglects every other aspect of his social life. Just as his life seems to start falling apart an unknown anomaly takes him into his subconsciousness to uncover his darkest secrets and finally defeat the demons that have plagued him his entire life.

This was a personal project and is not for sale.