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Lets Tell Your Story...

My goal in life is to leave the world a better place than I inherited it. I want my career to be a part of that. I'm a storyteller at heart and I believe public relations is an extension of that work.

Museum Employee and Professional Artist David Miller Brings Prehistoric Creatures to Life

On a Thursday afternoon in October David Miller, Whatcom Museum’s Preparator, sat at his desk in the attic of Old City Hall and thumbed through the many binders full of his old paintings.

He was in search of a piece he had created many years ago. With each turned page he uncovered a new prehistoric creature like some sort of artistic archeologist. Every so often he would come across a work that piqued his interest and he would make a quick comment or two about its history.

Finally, he came across the piece he was looking for. It depicted the prehistoric flying beast Quetzalcoatlus as it soared above a North American forest millions of years ago. The piece, titled Quetzalcoatlus after the creature it depicts, was notable because one block away a reproduction was on display at the Lightcatcher building as part of the Museum’s exhibition Endangered Species: Artists on the Frontline of Biodiversity.