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A Flag Half-Staffed

Every day the flag sits half-staffed

On a pole fixed into this world that seems broken

Broken even by the standards of the history books we don't open

A world split in two

A world uncertain

Vile words spill from radio waves and wire

Constant words that keep alive the fire

A society so addicted to hate it can't think of sobriety

Intoxicated with lies

Intoxicated until demise

Maybe the flag mourns the death of America

At least America as we like to think of it

They say something dies when no-one thinks of it anymore

What even was America?

This isn't it I'm sure

The truth is blurred

Maybe it's buried under all the lies we tell ourselves to sleep at night

Maybe it's buried under the ashes of a firefight

Maybe it's buried under a false sense of right

And we hold the shovel

Yet no-one cares to dig

A two-sided war blows smoke into our eyes

Gunfire deafens our ears

Internet wires choke our mouth

Civil War part two

America dies from all the clashes

And leaves us with the ashes