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To You

To the child in a broken home

To the child where life's stones have broken their bones

It gets better

To the child with no friends

To the child with no parents

To the child with no food

To the child with no hope

The world moves on and in that world there's a place for you

A place that can only be filled by a person like you

That place is home

Because fate has dealt a bad hand

But you can always fold and look for better lands

The road home is lined with fear and doubt

A journey of distance and soul that requires too many bouts

But in the end it was worth it all

No matter how many times you have to fall

To the child with a life in pieces

Journey on and stay strong

Because one day the pieces will come together

And those pieces will lead to happiness forever

And the pieces will point you to home

And home will heal your broken bones.

Trust me when I say all this is true

Sincerely, the man who was once you