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Unfathomable Cosmic

Together we looked into the night sky and traced the glimmering of a hundred bright stars

The Virgo. The rocky moon. A faint glimpse of Mars

Not fully fathoming the grand play we observed

Infinite expanses of toiled space and matter unnerved and undeterred

A whirlwind of the various forces that propel all things in existence

A mutual interplay of persistence stretches into the distance

The beauty of such is invoked in many mortal songs

Light years away a star explodes like a billion nuclear bombs

Indescribable in power, not even in the books of Psalms.

A brilliant flash of ephemeral light that recedes into oblivion-like-obsidian

Its body spreads to the very extents of our imagination

So vast and violent we can’t fathom an interpretation

Yet we hear nothing

The eternal interwhirling of rock and gas wrap their orbits around this rock of ours

Black holes devour any matter without regard to outside power

Yet we see nothing

Traveling through space at speeds unthinkable we remain unprovoked

Blasted by the many forces of the vast world that cannot be revoked

Yet we feel nothing

It made us wonder what else we couldn’t experience in all this

For even with our technology we can’t fully witness

The beautiful complexity of 118 known ingredients

As undefinable forces churn the cosmic soup

Just a handful of elements in different states reaching beyond our imagination's coop

How magnificent a spectacle

The realization of our place induces a high like Fentanyl.

The unfathomable chance of our existence in this pot reckons the human mind to play its wildest fantasies and myths

And from these myths come the many rifts

Because none of us really know...

So how do we claim to be different from any other

Chances are we are all but one of many others

In the end we’re just the universe experiencing itself

But even the universe can’t comprehend its own brilliant wealth

The blistering boil of a nuclear-fueled blast furnace moves higher

Our sun cracks above the horizon and fills the sky in shades of gold and fire

Our breath taken aback by the intermingling of light

We’re the universe experiencing itself through our sight

We’re the universe in awe of its might