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The Sun Will Rise

Around me the night had fallen

Everything I knew about happiness had been forgotten

I was once told that one day it would be okay

A fact that seemed far from sight for my happiness I could only imagine the fight

But in the end they were right

The fractures of a past day mended

The nightmares of the past ended

And there was the sudden realization:


There is a saying that all things heal with time

Or with assorted nickels, quarters, and dimes

But from what I recall, no assortment of such will blot such scars

To play a passive role in progress is a farce

A dying flower does not grow with time

It needs sun and water

A field does not plow with time

It needs mule and a farmer

A rusted car does not drive with time

It needs gas and a driver

True recovery comes with effort

For the scales of the world do not move when no action is taken

This is the law of the world and motion

To this extent a person reflects

Heartbreak is not healed with time

Loneliness is not fixed with time

Inadequacy is not solved with time

These things take effort

Effort to make each day better than the last

Effort to explore this world that's so vast

Effort to look at your flaws, face them, and outlast

Only then will life improve

And the flower will grow

And the field will harvest

And the car will drive

And the sun of a new day will rise