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Raven in the Rain

The raven sits in silence

For there was no warmth to heal its wounds

It sits quietly in the rain under the many moons

It takes the flint and tries to call out

It goes for another bout

The warmth is tepid and brief

A cycle it plays over and over as it holds onto a false belief

The cost is high

The warmth is low

And the cost seems to ever grow

The raven only wants to feel that golden glow

But the raven is forgotten by the grace of the light

Because in the war for warmth it seems to have lost the fight

An afterthought to the fire it tempts

The common trend

The wounds it bears will never mend

Because only light will cure its ails

But attracting and keeping the light it seems to fail

The hailing bullets of the many ills strike it from the air

The raven falls to the ground in a broken pile of despair

Rain washes away the traces of the pain

It wonders why it keeps playing the game when everything will be the same

It closes its eyes and lets out a breath

It awaits its slow painful death

But then there's a break in the rain

The Sun opens its arms in a warm embrace and does not wane

Because even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise

The raven picks up his head and looks to the skies

The wounds of the past day are healed

The raven crawls up from the ground and takes on a new shield

To the air it takes in search of a new lease

The raven bellows out a screech of release

Finally it feels warm and free

Never has it felt such glee