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The Clouds High Above

In a sharp winter breeze the clouds above allow cotton to fall from sky

The gray mass above for all to see makes it evident that these clouds aren't shy

Ephemeral in nature they pass over all

No matter the season, summer, winter, spring or fall

And though the content they drop varies from day to day

They usually always carry that familiar shade of gray

But what causes these clouds to drop their contents so harshly these cold winter days

Personified, the cloud is a human crying that never stays

Maybe it's because the clouds watch us ever so intently

They see all the things we do accidentally

And they see all the things we do on purpose

And maybe, they are wordless

Wordless at the discourse

Wordless at the forgotten corpse

Wordless at the shattering force

Heartbroken at our current course

Ever the constant watcher the clouds above see all

Forever destined to watch the eternal brawl

Each and every day the clouds high above see everything we do

No wonder they cry as much as they do