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City of Lies

One night I decided to watch this city that I had lived in for months

But I wondered what you would see if you stopped it all at once

From this perch up high it was easy to see all

I was able to observe everything in the city that otherwise never stalled

The rich as they feasted and looked down from their houses on the hills

Keeping diligent tabs on their forever-running mills

And the flashing red and blue lights in the poor city center

And the absence of the much-needed mentor

To the college where students tried so hard to prepare for a career

Then they try so hard to be different from the world that they mirror

And to the office complexes full of people staying too far into the night

Trying to get ahead in a world where they couldn't even fight

The long stretches of road that ran far away

Even though most people only knew how to stay

The homeless roaming aimlessly down the cold open sidewalk

Too hungry and tired to even talk

The children with reason to be anything but somber

The children with no mother or father

The children with everything they ever wanted

The children that never felt wanted

But one thing rang clear through all this madness

From this high up everyone looked the same

And I wondered why people kept playing this game

Why people kept telling themselves these lies

Why people kept wearing a disguise

Was it to maintain order

Because in this city all I saw is disorder

Then I wondered how much more we'll have to pay

Before this terrible, destructive lie will go away

How much harder will people have to try

How many more tears will people need to cry

And how many more people will ultimately need to die