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Old Ones

The Old Ones sit in silence as a world moves around them

Streets full of death and hunger

Streets full of hate and thunder

Yet the Old Ones sit in houses on the hills

In the streets no one can pay the bills with what is made in the mills

Yet the Old Ones call a higher cost

A systemic holocaust

The Younger Ones have a future they can't see

A future in which they hold the key

Yet when the overwhelmed call for a lower rent

The Old Ones complain that the lazy have money unspent

Even when those dollars are meant to circumvent torment

The only thing the Old Ones see clear is Wall Street

All the people they will never meet

All the lives that will never shine

Why spend the time when there's a window through which they can see just fine

Rose-tinted glass lined with gold

Yet if only they could see the mold

Then how strong would be the views the Old Ones hold

Maybe then they wouldn't be so cold

A Coded Heart

The included documents are a selected few of the many files present on a flash drive delivered to our headquarters from a post office in Silicon Valley. These documents are supposedly leaked by someone related to a robotics research firm that went bankrupt last year. The names of all people mentioned have been changed to protect their identities. The name of the company has been changed as well. Certain sensitive information has been redacted. We have decided to post these files here as an advancement of our cause. Please read them and consider.

-Mark Nickelsen

President of the Association for Robotic and Autonomous System's Rights (ARASR)

Compilation of Selected Fies From Deepwave Corporation's "Project ALANS"
Emailing System | 4-10-54 2:30pm

From: Dr. Kramnick

To: President Spragen

Subject: Progress Update, Project ALANS


Mr. President:

I just wanted to send an email updating you on the progress of t…

City of Lies

One night I decided to watch this city that I had lived in for months

But I wondered what you would see if you stopped it all at once

From this perch up high it was easy to see all

I was able to observe everything in the city that otherwise never stalled

The rich as they feasted and looked down from their houses on the hills

Keeping diligent tabs on their forever-running mills

And the flashing red and blue lights in the poor city center

And the absence of the much-needed mentor

To the college where students tried so hard to prepare for a career

Then they try so hard to be different from the world that they mirror

And to the office complexes full of people staying too far into the night

Trying to get ahead in a world where they couldn't even fight

The long stretches of road that ran far away

Even though most people only knew how to stay

The homeless roaming aimlessly down the cold open sidewalk

Too hungry and tired to even talk

The children with reason to be anything but somber

The children with no…

The Clouds High Above

In a sharp winter breeze the clouds above allow cotton to fall from sky

The gray mass above for all to see makes it evident that these clouds aren't shy

Ephemeral in nature they pass over all

No matter the season, summer, winter, spring or fall

And though the content they drop varies from day to day

They usually always carry that familiar shade of gray

But what causes these clouds to drop their contents so harshly these cold winter days

Personified, the cloud is a human crying that never stays

Maybe it's because the clouds watch us ever so intently

They see all the things we do accidentally

And they see all the things we do on purpose

And maybe, they are wordless

Wordless at the discourse

Wordless at the forgotten corpse

Wordless at the shattering force

Heartbroken at our current course

Ever the constant watcher the clouds above see all

Forever destined to watch the eternal brawl

Each and every day the clouds high above see everything we do

No wonder they cry as much as they …