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The Hurricane as it Came

The whispered winds called out to us like a stream of bad deeds done in vain

And we were stuck in the middle of the hurricane

A storm went awry that shattered the people around us like stone

And in the streets the voices of the conflicted moaned

But we heard not for we were too busy to let our ourselves be stopped

Too busy to save the dying in a storm we brought

And the conflicted fell to their knees and drowned

Shattered glass marked the traces of the bodies that would never be found

And like always we looked the other way

Because even in the face of tragedy our greed outweighed our dismay

And somewhere in the madness our home topples over

And into the water falls our lover

We swam against raging currents that devastated our home

By our errors we could only help but go under for this storm was too terrible to fight alone

To our broken homes we tried to repair

A hopelessly broken pile of despair in a storm that just didn’t seem fair

And in this moment we realized that there was no soul to save us

For the only souls lay drowned in an ocean when we decided to sit there and discuss

Yet do nothing as a wave of our creation overcame their lives in a fatal thrust

Only then did we realize that in the end, the thing that killed us was our disgust

Palpable was the wind that rushed over our grave

For death – in its universality -- was not something that could be staved

And our money was forever lost to the last dime

In the end our mistakes were all that stood the tests of time

Pity the dead, cried the onlookers far away

Then they turned a blind eye and went about their day

And we laid in broken rest in our broken nest

Until eventually the onlookers felt the hurricane as it came

And their bodies too were maimed