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A Conversation with Death

It had happened just like that. A sharp pain in your chest. The blurred image of the world as you fell to the ground, the brief sound of someone's panicked scream, and then black. You woke up a little while later -- well, you didn't really wake up, per se, but close enough. You were confused, scared even. There was no doubt about that. But I can't really blame you. It'd be a shocking event for anyone. You pulled yourself off the pavement and looked around. The same park you had collapsed in just minutes ago. You pull out your phone to look at the time but it was dead. It was night, the sky gave you that much information. You looked around the park, still quite perplexed as to what exactly had happened. Usually, this is where I would come in and give you the rundown, but I was late anyway and I didn't have much else to do that night, so I decided to let you ponder for a little while longer. You decided to take a shortcut through the park on your way to work. You remembe…