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A Divided Heart

In the forests of his own destiny, a man falls upon forked trails

A dark path and a bright

The choice he makes seems to come from someplace out of sight

The dark seems unkind and withdrawn

Yet we speculate on what destines man to choose the dark path he sets upon

Some claim an innate disdain for the bright

Others say a natural urge to pursue that which is dark with non-contrite

But to this I say nay

Man can make the choice either way

Eyes capable of seeing both sides of each trail

Feet able to walk upon both dirts no matter how stale

In the end man opts for a path more gray

Because the line dividing dark and light runs equally through the heart and brain

The choice he makes a by-product of the forest's stress

And no matter the way, the path stops none the less

But the line remains equally divided still

And the human heart remains equally un-ill