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A Sleeping Beast

Peacefully they sleep in a city of gold among the stars of their own conception

In the cold waters of the bay, a still surface glimmers the hopes of those it reflects

The beast waits, deep within the coves of a watery grave dug eons ago, so they thought

In ignorant bliss the city-folk walk upon the bridges over the lake, all the while their reflections dance to a different tune

A terrible scream of drowning rips through utopia and into the hearts of the masses-- fallen upon deaf ears they still don't know

The Devil's paladins march down the sewers and gamble away in games of deceit and betrayal

As below, so above in shadows, never daring to break the bliss they enjoy in passing

The Devil waits, knowing his time will come when the sleeping beast awakens and leaves the grave

A thousand golden apples, a silver tree, platinum leaves

The water rises, the sewers flood, the apples fall

Men eat their fruit

The reflections come to life, the shadows lift, the city darkens

A terrible scream of drowning rips through the dystopia, fallen upon hearing ears they finally know

They embrace it, the things already inside them