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A Tower Fallen

There's a tower.

The people around it marvel and push it on, telling it to reach higher.

So it reaches further into the heavens, trying to match the expectations it's been given.

But it's weak. The foundation rattles and the walls start to sway by hairs.

But it persists. It builds higher, taking on new tenets and diversions, because the worse thing it can do is let down the people below.

And it shakes. The internal stress causes internal confliction. Internal fractures and broken support. But no-one is the wiser.

The tower holds on, rising higher. They can't know, lest it be abandoned and condemned.

But the weight above compiles, the foundation starts to give. Things slip by, steal cracks-- yet no-one, somehow, seems to be the wiser.

The tower builds higher. It breaks so closely to the heavens.

Then it falls.

Everything that it's worked so hard to build tumbles to the world below in a torrent of angst, self doubt, and failure.

What is the tower to do when those that looked on leave? It's trails in vain.

What's it to do when it's gathered up the pieces of its broken structure and finally mended its shattered foundation?

When the towers around it rise over, seeming to be everything that it wasn't?

When its abandoned and lost all hope of building upwards? Lost the will? When the heavens seem a thousand miles above? When it lives in the shadows of everything around it?

The failure surrounded by success. A broken dream.

Does it build again? Or does it stay down? When the people have left and gone on to something else.

Then there's us.

What are we to do?

Photo by Amar Saleem on Pexels