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Sander's Rally Eye-Opening Experience

A few months ago it donned on me that this will be the first presidential election that I'll be able to vote in. Because of this, I've been paying more attention to politics now than ever before.

I've watched the Republican and Democratic debates, listened to what the candidates have said and have formed my opinions.

There are fewer ways for a voter to be more involved in presidential race, than by attending a presidential candidates' rally. So when I first found out that Bernie Sanders was coming to Yakima Thursday, March 24th, I knew I couldn't miss it.

It's not every day that a presidential candidate with a serious chance of getting their party's nomination comes through the Yakima Valley. Because of this I wanted to get everything I could out of the experience.

I knew getting a press pass was the best way to go. So I put in my RSVP, crossed my fingers, and waited. Long story short: I found myself waiting in the media line with thirty other journalists be…