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They Say...

Some say that this world is dark.

They preach that hate has torn us apart and that people have lost touch.

They assert that money is evil, that violence has plagued us, and that racism, sexism, homophobia, and overall prejudice has divided us.

So they say.

But words are just that; things that are said.

And while hate, theft, and discrimination are an occurrence that we must endure, they aren't everything in this world.

They make the world out to be some blanket of opaque darkness in which no beam of light may enter or thrive.

That any glimmer that starts as a spark will remain a spark and never thrive to be a fire. That this world is an oxygen-less expanse in which no act of kindness can develop and will always expire. 

But they only see the darkness, because their eyes are closed.

Because this world is far more than a hard slate of wasted life and lost hope.

The media flashes messages of police shootings and racial hatred; but the other day I saw two elderly men- one white the other black- enjoying a cup of coffee as they laughed.

And I saw a white officer help a poor, single black mother whose car had broken down before Christmas. Later he bought her kid a new bike because she didn't have any money to spend.

Groups say that millionaires are greedy and heartless. But just the other day I saw a millionaire give up 99.9% of his net worth to charity and another CEO that cut his salary in forth and gave the money to his employees.

People say that all Americans think that immigrants are no-good leeches on American society. But last week I saw a young man buy new shoes for an illegal immigrant's kid because their old one's were falling apart.

And they say sexism is the new norm; but I saw a man give a cold lady his jacket on a frigid December night.

These are the things I see.

Because saying something doesn't make it true. I can say that I'm rich but when I wake up the next morning I'm still as middle-class as I was before. And you can say that everyone is evil, but that doesn't make them so.

This world isn't a void of angst and shadow. This world isn't a place where hope and happiness go to die.

This world is an inferno of life and glimmering testament to the love in us all.

The way we cheer for others when they succeed is proof of that.

The fact that we have a term for sporadic moments of kindness is an example of that.

The way a total stranger can help a person in need exemplifies that.

The way we hold the door open for others solidifies that.

The small smile and nod we give to passersby as we cross paths demonstrates that.

And they'll say there's no going back and that this world is Hell frozen over but that's because they don't see what I see. They only see the darkness that justifies their opinion.

Because for every misdeed there's a thousands acts of kindness. And for every dark thread on the blanket of life, another hundred are jumping for attention.

So don't tell me for a moment that we're incapable of love because I see it every day.

I see it when a person cries because their friend is too depressed to get out of bed.

I see it when a couple of sixty years dances together in public because they don't care what others think.

I see it when a person gives food to a homeless lady.

I see it when a firefighter runs into a burning house to save a family.

I see it when a group of people come together for a good cause.

I see it.

And I see it because everybody loves. We're all born with love in our hearts. It takes effort to hate, you have to go out of your way, but love comes naturally.

So they'll say what they want, and to them I say, say on. Because they're only saying what they see.

And let them put on their sunglasses because when they finally see the love that's coursing through this world it's going to nearly blind them.

Some say this world is dark, but that's only because they haven't opened their eyes.