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They Say...

Some say that this world is dark.
They preach that hate has torn us apart and that people have lost touch.
They assert that money is evil, that violence has plagued us, and that racism, sexism, homophobia, and overall prejudice has divided us.
So they say.
But words are just that; things that are said.
And while hate, theft, and discrimination are an occurrence that we must endure, they aren't everything in this world.
They make the world out to be some blanket of opaque darkness in which no beam of light may enter or thrive.
That any glimmer that starts as a spark will remain a spark and never thrive to be a fire. That this world is an oxygen-less expanse in which no act of kindness can develop and will always expire. 
But they only see the darkness, because their eyes are closed.
Because this world is far more than a hard slate of wasted life and lost hope.
The media flashes messages of police shootings and racial hatred; but the other day I saw two elderly men- one white the other black-…