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The World I've Created

The first golden rays of sun touched this land. It's like a new world. In the footprints of innovated monoliths there's nothing now. It's staggering to think that just yesterday the world was normal; people walked in the streets with glee. Now there is nothing.

Has our aggression brought this terrifying new world upon us? Has our cleverness and might been the cause of this strife? They say we all used to live in harmony. Now the fact seems impossible.

I sit on this perch, the last structure to stand, looking at the hell we created below. The streets are still and void; in the distance the sound of a collapsing building rumbles. High above God, if he exist, is looking upon the world he created in sorrow. His gift is forsaken, perhaps under his own device. For years we had anticipated it, hell we built fortresses and labyrinths. They did us no good. Our ancestors warned of it. It appears their guidance was unheeded.

I bear testament, from the fire below to the bloody sky above, that what happened was inevitable; our best efforts couldn't of stopped it, merely postponed it.

As I think, I believe it was our pride and temptation that brought us to this hellish biome. For centuries we've been stockpiling weapons; for what? To prove that our little plot on this fragile planet was better than our adversaries'? One moment we had everything but love, now we have nothing but death and destruction.

When the counties of a past world started fighting, our morals ceased to exist. And when our morals were at an all-time low, our missiles were at an all-time high. I guess that’s the flow of nature; the core of human instinct and virtue. Now there's no need for weapons; countries no longer exist. In their places are stretching expanses of rubble and waste. All along it was just a sick concept stemmed from the core of human nature. The only good in this is that now the earth can be what it intended to be: unified.

There's nothing left. I'm the last one. In a past world I was one in a seven trillion, now I'm its entirety. Architecture, science, literature, technology, we left it all behind. Thousands of years of knowledge and ingenuity are now shattered and thrown into a fire; all because a few decided to play a game of war. How far we haven't come from the primordial days of our existence.

The same people that walked these streets with glee and happiness also walked them with hatred and jealousy. Before the day it all changed, it was so easy to hide our emotions. A man looking at the world today would find that hard to believe. Hell, I do.

How could I be so foolish to fall to my most basic instinct. I thought I was the greatest, no one could touch me. Look where that's got me and everything I knew and enjoyed. When I pressed that button I finalized the prophecies of Nostradamus and all the great predictors from the past. Does that make me the Antichrist? If a god existed then yes. But what kind of god would allow us to have the power to do this, knowing that we couldn't handle it.

I look down at the streets far below my feet. The sounds of crumbling and collapse are all around me. This tower will fall soon; leaving with it the final remnants of a once great race and world behind. I think I'll stay up here a little while and watch the world that I've created burn.

Photo by Stefan Stefancik from Pexels