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The World I've Created

The first golden rays of sun touched this land. It's like a new world. In the footprints of innovated monoliths there's nothing now. It's staggering to think that just yesterday the world was normal; people walked in the streets with glee. Now there is nothing.

Has our aggression brought this terrifying new world upon us? Has our cleverness and might been the cause of this strife? They say we all used to live in harmony. Now the fact seems impossible.
I sit on this perch, the last structure to stand, looking at the hell we created below. The streets are still and void; in the distance the sound of a collapsing building rumbles. High above God, if he exist, is looking upon the world he created in sorrow. His gift is forsaken, perhaps under his own device. For years we had anticipated it, hell we built fortresses and labyrinths. They did us no good. Our ancestors warned of it. It appears their guidance was unheeded.
I bear testament, from the fire below to the bloody sky above,…