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Letters from the Front: The Real Enemy

January 27, 1945:
Today’s the day that I see the folly in my deeds. This entire time I’ve been blinded by a mask of ignorance. The countless lives I’ve put at risk, trying to please a man I’ve never met. Today I’ve seen hell. Today I’ve seen the fullest capabilities of man.
I arrived at the camp early in the morning. I stood in front of those gates; I could never be prepared for what lay behind them. As a soldier I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen mounds of dead people, some of which I shot. I’ve seen the looks of plea as I pulled the trigger. I’ve seen the scorched bodies of burned enemies; but never have I seen anything like this.
Bodies were stacked up to the sky. The pungent smell of rotting and burnt flesh was thick and invaded my nose. I could’ve never imagined that I would have seen this. He promised change. He promised a new Germany full of prosperity and opportunity. He promised us everything. But was it worth all this?
Those people had families. Yes, I’ve killed my fair share of familie…