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Letters from the Front: The Real Enemy

January 27, 1945:
Today’s the day that I see the folly in my deeds. This entire time I’ve been blinded by a mask of ignorance. The countless lives I’ve put at risk, trying to please a man I’ve never met. Today I’ve seen hell. Today I’ve seen the fullest capabilities of man.
I arrived at the camp early in the morning. I stood in front of those gates; I could never be prepared for what lay behind them. As a soldier I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen mounds of dead people, some of which I shot. I’ve seen the looks of plea as I pulled the trigger. I’ve seen the scorched bodies of burned enemies; but never have I seen anything like this.
Bodies were stacked up to the sky. The pungent smell of rotting and burnt flesh was thick and invaded my nose. I could’ve never imagined that I would have seen this. He promised change. He promised a new Germany full of prosperity and opportunity. He promised us everything. But was it worth all this?
Those people had families. Yes, I’ve killed my fair share of familie…


Hello and welcome to my personal website. This site contains a collection of my fictional and journalism-related works. I update it semi-regularly depending on how busy my life is at any given moment. I hope you enjoy reading some of the stuff on this site. It was crafted from many sleepless nights and hour-long loops of Hans Zimmer songs.

So a little bit about myself. As the name of the website would indicate, my name is Colton Redtfeldt. I'm an aspiring journalist student in the Pacific Northwest. I have high dreams of one day covering national politics for the largest publications in the nation and even world. I am also interested in human interest stories and exposing the injustices of the world.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. When I was young, I remember sitting at my grandpa's dining room table stapling together some pieces of paper and making a "book" out of them. A few years later I started writing more seriously and by the end of my fresh…